Fah Lanna Luxury Spa Beauty Treatment

The experience:

Fah Lanna is owned and managed by a group of friends who love what they do and have a passion for their local culture and arts. We enjoy providing a high level of customer service at affordable prices to make it possible for anyone to enjoy the century old Thai massage and other body treatments.

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?Northern Thai style massage

?Comfortable Spa environment

?Hotel transfers are included

-Important Info-

?Opening hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm

?Latest entrance: 08:00pm

?Address: 57,57/1 Wiang Kaew Road, near corner of Jabhan Road, Sripoom, Ampur Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

?How to get there: Hotel transfer within Chiang Mai old town is included. If you stay at suburban area, please come to Fah Lanna Spa by yourself

-Spa Menu-

?Thai Herbal Bath ( 30 min )

Let your muscles relax as you soak in our golden herb infused bath.

?Aromatic Herbal Steam ( 30 min )

The Aromatic Herbal Steam opens skin pores and decongests the lungs as you relax and rejuvenate in our Lanna Steam Room.

?Exfoliating Foot Scrub (1 hr )

A scrub that removes dead and hard skin leaving your feet soft and smooth.

?Facial Treatment ( 1 hr )

This five step facial treatment consists of cleansing the skin, a gentle natural scrub, a facial massage, a natural mask, and a natural moisturizing treatment. It cleans and revitalizes your skin leaving it fresh, smooth and glowing.

?Body Scrub ( 1 hr )

This natural body scrub exfoliates by removing dead skin cells, oils and toxins that the skin does not allow to pass through. It stimulates the skin and improves circulation which is believed to have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. Your skin will feel replenished, soft and smooth.

?Body Mask ( 1hr )

A mask infused with herb- and plant extracts applied to your body to detoxify the skin, leaving it feel fresher, softer and smoother.